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Flutie talks to The Hoot

Published: April 8, 2005
Section: Arts, Etc.

Dave Ostrowsky: Is this your first time at Brandeis?

Doug Flutie: Oh no, Ive done events here before and played in some tourney basketball games here and done different things over here.

DO: Were you aware of what the Brandeis womens basketball team accomplished this season?

DF: I wasnt aware. That (ECAC Championship) is awesome. I have a close affiliation with the BC womens team. Ive always kinda gone over, kept an eye on them and worked out with them actually a few times, practiced, so I can appreciate the fact that they worked just as hard if not harder than the mens team, except what they do and get very little credit for it.

DO: Whats it like participating in an event so close to your home in Natick?

DF: Its fun. Its convenient for sure to be able to jump in the car and just drive over instead of flying somewhere, and plus for me its a matter of community a lot of times, and anything local that you can do to help out is always a positive. This is where Ive lived all my life and where I will continue to live so it is important.

DO: Is working at autograph shows something you could see yourself doing after your NFL career?

DF: I try not to do too many of them. It wears on you. When its convenient I do them, but Im not crazy to run around.

DO: About your NFL career, do you have any idea what you are going to be doing next year?

DF: I dont. I really dont. Ive got teams talking to me. I havent made up my mind whether I want to play another year or not. Canadas called. Networks have called about potential broadcasting. It may be time to call its quits. Im really enjoying the fact that Im kinda a free agent right now and I dont have to be anywhere. I have no responsibility. If I want to go watch my nephew play ball I can do that. If I want to just hang out and be a bum for a day I can do that.

DO: Any chance well see you on the New England Patriots sideline next season?

DF: Its not out of the question, but you know theyve got a great thing going and I dont know if theyre gonna want to rock the boat by bringing in a bunch of new guys. Especially if I were to come a lot of people would stand up and notice so I dont know. Its a possibility but I dont know what Im gonna do yet. I dont even know if Im gonna play another year.

DO: How much do you think it will effect that team losing both their offensive and defensive coordinators?

DF: Well if they can somehow maintain the same system and just bring in another guy, and maintain the same systems offensively and defensively it can make a transition smoother. If youre bringing in a whole new system, the guys gotta start over from scratch.