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Hannah Vickers Reporting from NCAA Round 2 game – Brandeis Judges vs. Mount Saint Mary Blue Knights

Published: March 6, 2009
Section: Breaking News

The Judges are starting out strong in the first half.  With 12 minutes left they hold a 24-7 lead and have been playing a much tighter defense than they did in the first half yesterday.


At the end of the first half Brandeis has a lead of 39-23, a much different story than last night’s matchup against Western Connecticut, where they trailed by one at the half.  Jessica Chapin had two break aways in the first half, helping the Judges add to the momentum they already had going.  Diana Cincotta has also been significant in giving the Judges their 16 point lead with two 3-pointers.  Rookies Morgan Kendrew and Kelly Ethier are also making their presence known on the court.  Kendrew and Ethier have contributed five points each in the game so far, including one three-pointer each, in addition to one assist by Kendrew and two by Ethier.  Provided the Judges can keep their focus and build on the momentum they had going in the first they should be able to advance to the Sweet 16.


The Judges defeat Mount Saint Mary’s with an impressive score of 79-52.  Every available player for the Judges saw court time, as Chapin and Dadaos sat down in the final minutes of the game.  With this victory, Brandeis will advance to the Sweet 16 next weekend.