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Hoot sports call

Published: September 2, 2005
Section: Sports

Welcome to Hoot Sports, my name is David Ostrowsky and I will be the sports editor this semester. If you have any interest in sports journalism we would be happy to have you come aboard our staff. No experience is necessary, and all interested applicants will be granted a chance to write.

We promise to publish all articles and work with writers to try to accomodate all needs. Although our number one priority is Brandeis sports we try to cover collegiate and professional sporting events that are of interest to Brandeis students. There are positions open for beat writers, contributors and columnists.

You do not need to commit to writing on a weekly basis and we promise to be very flexible in regards to working out scheduling conflicts. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at extension 92060 or at my e-mail address I look forward to seeing you at the activities fair this Sunday!

David Ostrowsky, Sports Editor