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Hannah Vickers Elite Eight Action – Brandeis WBball vs. Amherst College

Published: March 13, 2009
Section: Breaking News

With just over 13 minutes remaining in the first half, Amherst leads Brandeis 13-8. Amherst is playing a tough defense and offense, not letting Brandeis get too many opportunities inside the paint.

Halftime Update:

So far Amherst has done an impressive job of keeping Brandeis on their toes and locking them out of the paint. At the half, Amherst leads 31-22. The lead was brought back down to single digits by an incredible buzzer beater by Lauren Orlando ’09. Jessica Chapin ’10 has been almost completely contained this game, adding only one point to the Judges score with a free throw. The real star of the game so far has been Cassidy Dadaos ’09, who has gone 5-for-9 in her field goal attempts, made one free throw, and been responsible for nine rebounds. Other players are going to have to step up in the second half. They’ll also have to watch themselves on travelling, which they have beenc alled for numerous times in the first. Amherst has just been running the Judges up and down the court. If Brandeis can slow themselves down a bit and control the pace of the game they shouldn’t have a problem coming back from the nine point deficit.

Both teams have come out of halftime playing hard, but Amherst has been able to build on their lead, bringing the game to 47-30 with ten minutes left to play… Now with 6:34 left to play they lead Brandeis 51-34. Brandeis just can’t seem to match them for speed tonight.

Final Score Update

The Brandies Judges saw their playoff dreams end tonight in a 68-54 loss to Amherst College. After a very hard fought game, the Judges just couldn’t come back for the win.