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Before I graduate, the few things that I will miss about Brandeis

Published: April 3, 2009
Section: Opinions

I am trying hard not to make these last few articles of mine controversial. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of ideas in my head that would set this community ablaze and launch more agitation at me than has ever before been conveyed. But, I guess I don’t see the point in making anyone upset with me these last few weeks and would rather like to use my column for a different purpose altogether. My imminent graduation has made me quite sentimental about my years at Brandeis. There are things that I would love to forget, but there are also things that I am certainly going to miss. I’d like to relate a few of these things here so that all of you may cherish these events when they occur in the future.

One of the things that I truly cherish about the beginning of each semester is the Physical Fitness Exemption Test. This examination, which occurs at the Gosman Sports and Convocation Center, is designed for people to demonstrate their physical aptitude so that they may get out of one or two semesters of Physical Education. Each semester, people come in all shapes and sizes to take the test. Some are fat and unathletic, while others are trim and lean. Some are wearing street clothes, while others have all the appropriate gear. It is always a delight to see the Orthodox Jewish women running around the track at high speed in their full garb. It is also equally satisfying to see pudgy, red-faced Brandeisians huffing and puffing as they slowly make their way around the oval. I will truly miss this event. It gives me pleasure to observe it every time.

I advise you to make your way down to Gosman next fall, cheer on your friends, and watch the wonder that is our Physical Fitness Exemption Test.

Another event that I will truly miss at Brandeis is Thirsty Thursday. I discovered this event as a sophmore, and I don’t think there has been one Thirsty Thursday I have missed since the Fall of 2006. It is absolutely fantastic to be with friends and chill out with colleagues in a laid back environment. The free food is also a great plus, and I must say, it goes a long way when you are on the stingy meal plan.

Plus, since turning 21, I have really enjoyed drinking beer at the occasion, and The Stein typically serves great brew from the tap (which includes Sam Adams White Ale at the moment). I will truly miss this event, and I envy those who have years more to enjoy it. Fortunately there are a few Thirsty Thursdays left and I hope to see as many of you as possible there having a good time.

One other event that I will truly miss about Brandeis is first-year move-in day. It has been my sincere pleasure to have witnessed this event four times, as I have lived with freshmen for the entirety of my Brandeis career. There are certain things about this day that makes it unlike any other event of the year. Here, new students are filled with the ambition and nervousness of entering a new phase of their lives. Like a blank slate, each can forget the transgressions of the past and open up a new chapter at Brandeis. The energy is contagious, the enthusiasm sincere. It is amazing how quickly freshmen can become apathetic, but on this day there is nothing but fervor for the future.

I will miss many other things about this school. Some have already been taken away from us by the administration (like the “naked dance” and modsfest) and some should be taken away (principally, Pachanga).

Others, like room selection and course selection, cause trepidation, but nevertheless seemed gilded by retrospective analysis. And sure, I will miss these upcoming days, Senior week, and my eventual commencement. Yet I hope to have new memories and revel in the knowledge that countless individuals can, in future days, enjoy these characteristics of the university.

Man, has my impending graduation made me sentimental! I think of all the things I will never again experience, and this brings emotions of sadness and nostalgia. I can only hope that with this article, you, dear reader, may find greater enjoyment for these otherwise unremarkable campus events and drink them all in for what they’re worth (especially do the drinking at Thirsty Thursday!)