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Fads: Friends or foes?

Published: September 25, 2009
Section: Arts, Etc.

Although fads in literature, style, music and so on traverse across boundaries, allowing for at least one set of shared interests, these fads may or may not be viewed as homogenizing the varied trends that are supposed to be the hallmark of any culture or sub-culture. To be persuaded into a fad of literature and faux pop-culture, let’s say into the books and movies of the popular Twilight series, is to believe that it is necessary to be a part of the craze and that one must relish in it.

While not completely bashing the vampire-science fiction fad that is known as Twilight and other such literary and cinematic “eye-candy” for the masses, it is still necessary to realize that the historical notions of vampires have been twisted into a sensational world that masses feel they must try to escape into. Most importantly, literary fads, more often than not, prove to be ever-changing and tied down to present trends.

Therefore, I must ask why the youth and subsequent generations continually jump on the bandwagon rather than decide what novels and interests are more stationary and time-worthy for the individual. Fads in style and music are also ever-changing and “keeping up” with the times may deter one’s own journey to self-discovery through his or her own unique stylistic and musical tastes. While these fads are out there and can be the friends to many looking for a way to fit-in and stay in-tuned to the popular youth culture of the times, I believe they are foes to the individual trying to steer away from the mainstream and simply be their fad-less selves.