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Published: October 23, 2009
Section: Arts, Etc.

<i>PHOTO BY Max Shay/Time-More Photography</i>

PHOTO BY Max Shay/Time-More Photography

This week over 145 students participated in a silent photo protest against California’s Proposition 8. Students were photographed alone, in pairs, or in groups that consisted of campus clubs and organizations.

The event was created by Katie Kaufman ’12 and Jourdan Cohen ‘11, Democracy for America members, in conjunction with Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance. This event was a response to the NOH8 Campaign, which asks for individuals to participate by sending in their own photos. According to the NOH8 website, “The NOH8 campaign is a photo project and silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley in direct response to the passing of Proposition 8.”

The website further states “photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths symbolizing their voices not being heard and ‘NOH8’ painted on one cheek in protest.” In addition, all photographs are taken in a white shirt with a white backdrop in order to show uniformity with the other 2,000 plus photographs already exhibited in the NOH8 campaign. Photographer Max Shay, in the Shapiro campus center on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, photographed Brandeis students in the same style.

Individuals and clubs were also asked to bring their own props in order to add individuality to the photograph. Liquid Latex was photographed painted in white latex. Triskelion (the GLBTQSA alliance) brought a pride flag and a rainbow colored boa. DFA posed with a copy of the 14th Amendment.

While students were waiting to have their photos taken, DFA members spoke with them about gay marriage rights and urged them to do more as individuals, such as contacting their hometown representatives and signing petitions DFA had set up outside the photo shoot.

“If students want to do this again, of course we’ll do it,” said Kaufman. She hopes to find a place on campus where the photographs can be displayed in their entirety as a symbol of Brandeis’ stand against Proposition 8.

Photos will be sent to the NOH8 campaign in the coming weeks and will be displayed at DFA’s Nov. 3 coffee house event. In addition, prints of the photos will be sold for approximately two dollars.

Editor’s Note: Max Shay is the Hoot’s photography editor.