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Grinberg hired for JBS

Published: October 23, 2009
Section: News

Before coming to Brandeis Alyssa Grinberg worked for a division of Americorp and at the International Honors program (IHP), which “offers students a unique opportunity to examine major social justice and sustainability issues facing the world today. Students examine a thematic topic in multiple countries in the semester or academic year, exploring how people in different countries create varied solutions to the common problems they face,” according to the IHP website.

Grinberg did her undergraduate work in film production, something she believes will aid her main objective as JBS manager – publicizing the program.

In the long term, Grinberg said her job is to be “the person bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together,” adding that JBS “can be a model of experimental learning for other universities.”

Grinberg has already started work meeting with administrators and students in a collaborative effort to “get to know the campus and figure out how everything works.”

Professor Tim Hickey (COS), who is one of two faculty chairs of the JBS committee, said he believes Grinberg will be a helping hand to the program.“Alyssa had the unanimous support of staff, faculty and students. Everyone felt that she would make significant contributions to the program. Her background in marketing educational programs is also very helpful,” said Dean of Academic Services Kim Godsoe.

“Alyssa was enthused about taking on the challenge of building the JBS program and helping to make it a success and possibly a national model for a new, alternative approach to higher education” Hickey said. “ I think all the candidates were highly qualified and had great backgrounds in higher education, but Alyssa seemed really prepared because of her backround in IHP. I really think she’s going to do a great job,” said Bronshvayg who also participated in the selection of the JBS manager.