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Union to advocate for student rep. on presidential search committee

Published: October 23, 2009
Section: Front Page

Student Union President Andy Hogan ’11 and Student Representatives to the Board of Trustees Heddy Ben-Atar ’11 and Jon Kane ’10 will meet with Board of Trustees Chair Malcolm Sherman today in the hopes of negotiating the inclusion of a student member on the Presidential Search Committee, according to a source with knowledge of the meeting who wished to remain anonymous because negotiations are ongoing.

The meeting marks an effort on the part of the Union to include the student body in the presidential search process.

As it stands now, the Search Committee would be comprised of over 10 people, with three faculty representatives. The rest of the committee will include members of the Board of Trustees.

In addition, there would be two “consultative” committees, one for students and one for faculty, which would advise the official search committee and would interview potential presidential candidates, but would not have the ability to vote on the next university president, Sherman said

The source was hopeful that if tomorrow’s meeting is successful either Hogan, Ben-Atar or Kane would most likely be the representative to the search committee because they are already acquainted with the Board of Trustees.

However, Sherman told The Hoot that though the official makeup of the committee is not yet finalized, “there is very little possibility there will be students on the committee.”

“The executive session of the Board of Trustees has already met and said the committee will not include students,” Sherman said.

Sherman declined to explain this decision, saying “that would require too much detail.”

Hogan would not comment on tomorrow’s meeting, but did say that “students need to be involved in the presidential search process in the most influential way possible.”