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Union endowment committee chosen

Published: October 30, 2009
Section: News

Student Union President Andy Hogan ’11 appointed eight members to the Committee on Endowment Ethics and Responsibility (CEER) Thursday evening.

CEER’s main goal is to improve the “F” grade the university received from on the endowment transparency; the university received a “A” or “B” on all other green indicators. In addition the committee will report basic suggestions to Senior Vice President of Administration and Finances, Jeff Apfel.

A campus wide e-mail was sent to students on Oct. 21 asking students to apply to be on the committee. According the email CEER will “serve as a channel for community involvement in the investment decisions made by the University pertaining to social and ethical issues.”

The email further states, “The committee will research and make recommendations to the future executive vice president of the University administration regarding initiating shareholder resolutions, and also will make recommendations regarding targeted divestment, new investment, or changes in investment levels. Committee members will meet every two weeks and will research to prepare recommendations and reports.”

The majority of applicants were accepted in order to use their ambitions and energy to make changes and therefore make the committee a success, said Hogan. Applicants were asked what they personally wanted to accomplish on the committee and why.

Chairs to CEER have not yet been chosen and will be selected in the near future, said Hogan.

As of now there are no plans to have CEER report to the Student Union Senate. However, Hogan plans to report the progress he has made in creating CEER at his next executive report to the Senate.

The students appointed are as followed: Sara Robinson ’12, Josh Hoffman-Senn ’12, Evan Green-Lowe ’10, Beau Bonness ’11, Amy Mandel ’10, Nipun Marwaha ’12, Matt Gabrenya ’13, Coleman Mahler ’13