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Yankees win World Series against Phillies

Published: November 6, 2009
Section: Sports

The World Series ended last night with the New York Yankees winning their 27th championship by beating the Philadelphia Phillies 7-3. This was a championship that had been eluding the team for nine years and it was the perfect way to cap off the inaugural season of the team’s new stadium.

Series Most Valuable Player Hideki Matsui drove in six Runs Batted In to get the Yankees the lead, and starter Andy Pettitte pitched on only three days rest and walked away with a win for the game. The team was able to get past early season frustrations and figure out a way to win when it really mattered.

On the other hand, the Phillies had a bitter end to their attempts at a repeat. Their pitching was not able to contain Matsui and the Yankees; Phillies starter Pedro Martinez just could not keep Matsui from hitting balls in the right places. Matsui started the scoring in the second-inning with a two-run homer. He then singled in the third to drive in two more runs, and finally doubled in the fifth to drive in his fifth and sixth RBIs for the night. Also in the fifth, Mark Teixiera singled to drive in Derek Jeter for the Yankees’ only non-Matsui RBI. For the Phillies, all of their runs came off of Pettitte. Jimmy Rollins hit a sacrifice fly in the third to score one run, and Ryan Hughes hit a two run homer in the sixth.

After those runs, the Phillies were not able to rally. The Yankees relief pitching was as solid as every other part of the team, and Mariano Rivera pitched the final innings to end the game. The last batter, Shane Victorino, had a full pitch count before he hit a ground ball for an easy last out. Before Mark Teixeria even had the ball in his glove, the rest of the team had already run from the dugout and were ready to celebrate.

For all the players, this was a championship that they had been waiting for, but for four players it had come special importance. Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettite, and Mariano Rivera all came up through the minors together and were all part of the Yankees dynasty that won three straight championships from 1998-2000. This was a championship a long time in waiting for these four who have been with the team through all the years of coming close but never winning it all. Jeter, now captain of the team, said, “It feels better than I can remember, man. It’s been a long time.” But now the long wait is over, and the Bronx has reason to celebrate again.

For some, this celebration might be the end to a long Yankees career. Matsui and Pettite both are at the end of their contracts, and are not sure if they will be returning next year.

Also, there have been rumors of Rivera’s last season for the past few years, but those rumors might continue for a few more years as Rivera is pitching like someone who is in his prime and not someone turning 40 at the end of the month.

Another man who was not present, but played a huge role in getting the team to this place is owner George M. Steinbrenner. Steinbrenner, “the Boss” to most of the players, was not able to be join in the celebration due to health reasons, but the players were as conscious of his presence as if he had been there. The center field video screen flashed “Boss, this is for you” as Steinbrenner’s son accepted the Championship trophy, and everyone was thanking him during all post-game interviews.