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NEWS ANALYSIS: Case to be decided one judge down

Published: January 29, 2010
Section: Front Page

In an unexpected twist, the impeachment trial of Student Union Secretary Diana Aronin ’11 will be decided by four Union Judiciary justices—not five—after the resignation of former Associate Justice Leeyat B. Slyper ’11, who is currently on medical leave, according to an e-mail to The Hoot from Chief Justice Judah Marans ’11.

Despite the absence of a member, the UJ will still require a majority of three votes to decide whether or not to convict, Marans wrote, noting that the justices “are not aware of any tie-breaking procedures.”

The Union Constitution only requires the UJ to have “a quorum of four justices” for official court business. In the trial In re Diana Aronin, Associate Justices Neda T. Eid ‘11, Matthew Kriegsman ’11 and Justin Pierre-Louis ’10 joined Marans in hearing oral arguments and thus fit the bill.

“The Court is continuing to operate smoothly, productively, and successfully with four members,” Marans wrote. “Our deliberations have been of an excellent quality.”