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Union Judiciary nixes Aronin: Vote to remove unanimous

Published: February 5, 2010
Section: Front Page

The Union Judiciary (UJ) voted to remove former Union Secretary Diana Aronin ’11 from office Sunday following last week’s impeachment trial.

The ruling by the UJ found in favor of the senate which claimed Aronin “willfully corrupted and violated the duties set forth to her in the Constitution.”

According to the Union Constitution, in order for Aronin’s removal to be finalized, Union President Andy Hogan ’11 had to formally announce the new Union vacancy, and the special election to fill the post will be held Tuesday.

Aronin’s conviction followed the Jan. 24 UJ trial where Aronin presented three separate arguments defending her refusal to call a referendum vote for the Senate proposal to create a midyear senator position.

Aronin had argued that her noncompliance with the Union Constitution was justified because one of the Senate sponsors was no longer an undergraduate by the time she could call a vote last spring and because she was ordered by Hogan to wait to call a vote until this spring’s Constitutional Review Committee.

The court dismissed each argument in its ruling, writing, “We disagree with Respondent’s first argument, find the second to be prima facie [on first appearance] valid yet ultimately critically uninvolved and fundamentally flawed, and expressly reject the third.”