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Swim team staying afloat

Published: October 28, 2005
Section: Sports

Last Saturday the annual Michael Zarrilli Memorial Meet took place at Brandeis. The mens swim team competed against Clark University and Gordon College in ten relays and two diving events. For the first time in a few years, Brandeis was not the victor. Clark took the meet with 175 points, Brandeis finished second with 168, and Gordon finished third with 40.

Clark took an early lead and never lost it. In the 4th event, the 400 Yard Mixed IM Relay, Brandeis finished 1st and 2nd, bringing them within 2 points of Clark. In the next event, the Mixed 1 Meter Diving, Clark took a 10 point lead, which was their largest lead of the day.

Brandeis then mounted a comeback as they finished 1st and 2nd in the Mixed 300 Yard Butterfly Relay and the Mixed 800 Yard Freestyle Relay respectively, bringing them within 2 points of Clark. In the next event, the Mixed 300 Yard Breaststroke Relay, Brandeis got within 1 point of Clark, their smallest deficit of the day.

Despite a first place finish in the Mixed 1 Meter Diving in the next event, Clark pulled away and maintained roughly a seven point lead throughout the remainder of the meet.
The Womens swim team went on to post 168 points in their meet, good for a second place finish. The victor, Clark University, finished with 175 points.