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Sexcapades: Taking advantage of your university

Published: February 12, 2010
Section: Opinions

Sex works differently in college than it does in other places. At a place like Brandeis, more likely than not, once you get into a group of friends you either find someone you like and stick with them, or you end up sleeping with more than one person in your circle. Like anywhere, it’s easier to go home at the end of the night with someone you know pretty well than it is to leave with a stranger, no matter how many awkward moments it might lead to later.

A major thing we have to think about is our proximity to one another. Walls here are think, and rooms are small, even for those who live off campus in apartments or houses with their friends. My first year I ended up “sexiling” the girl who lived in the room next to mine, despite the fact that I had a single and thought I was safe. Beds too are mini-sized, making it difficult even for a compact person to share one.

So how should you go about keeping things exciting when your options seem to be limited to bed, desk or chair? Get creative.

Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, and although many of us will be away from Brandeis, it is always nice to head a little outside of your comfort zone on a day that celebrates “love,” which for most people our age, is really just sex (and chocolate).

While ’Deis doesn’t have the offerings of some other schools in terms of interesting places to give it a go, we aren’t totally bereft of options. Our stacks are not mahogany, and probably not too strong, but on Farber 4 there are no desks for students looking for a quiet spot to study, just rows and rows of books. You may have heard that there are video cameras down there, but, even if that’s true, there is no one watching them–they’re there so that if there is a disturbance, or something gets stolen, the cops can go back through them later. If you plan ahead and bring a blanket, or your jacket, or wear a skirt, you could pull off a quickie down there.

Is your sweetie a scientist? Or better yet, a grad student? Corrals, offices and labs all make for fun and new places to get off. Though they have with them the potential of getting caught, if you go in the evenings and on weekends, it’s unlikely many other people are around.

Maybe you live off campus, or in a suite on campus with a kitchen and living room? Kitchen counters, dining room tables, and couches or comfy chairs all make for great diversions. They also allow you to try some new positions, and maybe a different way to view your partner’s body. Try to make sure no one’s home, because as embarrassed as you think you might be if someone walked in, they’ll be more so. Stairs in the off-campus houses also make a great new place. Just watch out for rug burn, and that you don’t slide.

Finally, the most obvious: shower sex. No matter where you live, you have access to a shower. Depending on where you live, however, the privacy may be limited to little more than a curtain, and your floor mates might not be pleased to know about your escapades where they cleanse daily. However, with a little maneuvering, and a lot of trust, anything can be achieved.

If you’re at home (or in your dorm) and you like the idea of being seen, but don’t want to know about it, leave your curtains up, or your blinds partially open. Most people probably won’t look in, but if they do, they’ll be watching your show.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you are with your partner or not, you should think about preparing an exciting surprise. Don’t tell your significant other about your plan, but do tell them you have a present–you! Just make sure you know what the other person is comfortable with, and have fun. This way, you control the situation, but maybe let them choose positions, or how much clothing to leave on/take off. The more you play with sex, the more comfortable you and your partner will be with each other, and the more fun it will be. Valentine’s Day is a great place to start because you are usually already planning to spend time with each other anyway. So run off, and take advantage of what the university has to offer!