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Campus TV cable to remain despite service warnings

Published: February 26, 2010
Section: Front Page

PHOTO BY Max Shay/The Hoot

Brandeis’ cable television service provided by Comcast will not be affected by their transition to digital cable in the Waltham area, despite frequent warnings from the cable company during regular programing.

John Turner, director of systems and networks for Library and Technolgy Services wrote in a myBrandeis post, “Don’t panic! Brandeis is NOT going to lose our Cable TV. Comcast is transitioning the Waltham area cable completely digital service. As a result our TV stations are getting a message that says if you can read this you need to get a cable box. This is NOT true for Brandeis.”

The notices appearing on campus TV sets will continue until Waltham transitions to digital cable.

After the transition is complete on April 7, the university will be an exception to the digital service, which requires customers to own a cable box. During the transition, several channels may not be available for 24-hour periods, although some may last throughout the entirety of the transition.

There have been several cable channel outages in the last week, which led to student rumors stating that the university would soon only have access to network channels like ABC, CBS and NBC as well as public television such as C-SPAN.

Student concern also led to a Facebook group named “Brandeis give us our TV back!,” which demanded the return of cable service from the university.