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Gosman solar panels turned on

Published: February 26, 2010
Section: News

The solar panel installation on the roof of The Gosman Sports and Convocation Center is now turned on and collecting energy. NSTAR energy approved the installation in an inspection on Feb 24.

In the past two days the panels have produced over fourteen thousand-kilowatt hours of energy.

It is projected to produce approximately 300,000 hours per year and SAVE the university close to a million dollars in its expected 25-year life span. The system is one of the largest in the state; it will account for approximately ten percent of the energy needed to power the Gosman center.

Students can monitor how much energy has been created through the campus sustainability website. The solar panel installation was part of a power purchase agreement between EOS ventures and the university. The university will buy the energy produced by the panels from EOS instead of from a regular electrical utility.