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We stand against hate

Published: March 12, 2010
Section: Editorials

This board was disturbed and hurt by the vandalism to the Muslim Student Association (MSA) suite this week.  We were equally disturbed and hurt by the suggestion that such actions could be blamed on “the Jews” as one individual wrote on the wall of a Facebook event created to show support for the MSA.

The vandalism to the MSA suite, though entirely horrible, is the result of the action of individuals, not an entire group.

Thus far, the investigation into the vandalism is ongoing and Public Safety has yet to find the perpetrator.  It is premature to assume the motivations of a as yet unknownn actor.

Even if, once found, the perpetrator reveals they did have religious motivations, blaming an entire group for the actions of one individual is unjust.

Brandeis has a history of interfaith cooperation. Every month the chaplains hold at least one interfaith event, and every Ramadan, the Jewish committee supports the Muslim community by cooking Iftar meals. It is ignorant to apply the international narrative of religious tension in the Middle East to Brandeis.

Though the writing on the Facebook wall, like the vandalism, is the act of individuals, not the view of the entire campus, it is of the utmost importance that students reject this scapegoat philosophy when they encounter it.

Such comments draw attention away from the crime committed against the MSA.

Not only can we not allow hate to perpetuate hate, we also must not allow hate to distract from hate.

We encourage all students to sign the petition decrying the potential hate crime posted on the aforementioned Facebook event and to combat hate with love.