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Constitutional Review Report

Published: March 12, 2010
Section: Features

Proposed Amendment 1: Student Union Government restructuring

•  Part one would replace the legislative powers of the Union Senate into an Assembly and Club Support Board.

•  Under the committee’s proposal, the Vice President would be internally elected by the Assembly—merging the             position with executiv    senator.

•  The Union Judiciary would become the Student Judiciary and take on mediation powers to possibly avert a trial.

•  The final subject of the restructuring article mandates monetary training for all Finance Board and Treasurer                 candidates.

Proposed Amendment 2: Senator for Racial Minority Students and Finance Board member

for Racial Minority Student change in title

•  Part two attempts a name-change of the Racial Minority Senator to a Representative for Historically Underrepresented             Races.

Proposed Amendment 3: Definition of Secured Organizations

•  Amendment three defines secured organizations.

•  “Secured organizations are hereby defined as those organizations that the student body recognizes as fundamental to             the mission of the university”.

Proposed Amendment 4 and 5: Securing SSIS and SEA

•  Four and five officially recommend securing Students for Environmental Action and the Student Sexuality Information             Service, respectively.

Proposed Amendment 7: BEMCo constitutional funding increase

•  Proposal seven aims to increase funding for BEMCo.

•  BEMCo’s “baseline” funding allocation is stated as $23, 500 currently. This amendment will change that number to             $30,000..

Proposed Amendment 8: Inclusion of Club Sports memo

•  Proposal eight seeks to include a Club Sports memo solidifying the agreement between the Department of Athletics             and the Union.

Proposed Amendment 9: Board of Trustee representatives

•  Amendment nine would allow for more than just two representatives to the board of trustees should that expansion             ever become available.

Proposed Amendment 10: Instant Runoff Voting system

•  This changes the voting system of the Union from simple plurality voting and a runoff to instant-runoff voting with                 candidates ranked in order of preference.

Proposed Amendment 11: Constitutional Review Committee changes

•  The last seeks to reform the Constitutional Review Committee itself, by allowing more discretion on the part of the             President and rules for the appropriate members.