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Inaugurating the Indie Louies – And the nominees for Best Film are…

Published: April 9, 2010
Section: Arts, Etc.

Aiden Own

A short film written and directed by Ben Harel ’12, chronicles a few potentially life-altering days in the life of Aiden (Arun Narayanan ’10), a disaffected young man past what he dubs his “point of return.” When he runs into his old third grade crush, Eve (Emily Griffin ’10), he faces the prospect of something outside of his love of music and drug addiction—but he must also confront his own demons. Featuring great production values, skilled performers and an engaging plot, Harel has crafted an intriguing glimpse into one character’s life.

Everyone Has Their Miracles

Explores the intersection of commerce and religion in the markets of Buenos Aires, where trade in religious trinkets is plentiful. For some, the trade is strictly impersonal—“it’s all for profit,” as one seller bluntly puts it. For others, it is part of what they perceive to be a personal mission to spread the word of God. The short documentary also delves into the tension that exists between Catholicism and pagan religious practices, with a sharp divide existing between independent shops and church-run shops. As someone with no familiarity with the subject, it makes fascinating viewing, illuminating the relationship between economics and spirituality that we often fail to consider.

En La Linea Del Fuego

This fascinating documentary explores the way sexual orientation has been approached within Bolivia, both in the gay community and among the population as a whole. Gay Bolivians speak at length about their feeling that society forces them to wear a mask and hide their own presence. Other members of society, meanwhile, appear split—some view homosexuality as transgressive, while others believe that “discrimination doesn’t exist.” The film creates an informative and emotional dialogue that is juxtaposed with the emergence of an openly gay culture in the Bolivian capital of La Paz, where gay pride parades have begun to appear.