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Open forums, attendance not enough

Published: April 16, 2010
Section: Editorials

The graduate and undergraduate open forums held this week were a mixed bag at best. The university administration made an attempt at bridging the information gap between the corridors of power and the student body—but a very small number of students showed up to walk across it.

The undergraduate forum comprised only 22 students to listen to President Reinharz, while an even more paltry number of three grad students attended.

Clearly, students at Brandeis should live up to their reputation as socially active members of society. But the administration should also hold more interesting dialogues. After the Rose Art Museum debacle, the university realized at least some miscommunication and held a true presentation on Brandeis’ finances. The president’s small talks this week were simply not engaging enough to discuss a future of such magnitude as his resignation, the expanding student population or tuition costs.

We hope that the university will put on similar presentations in the future, and sooner would be better. Maybe we would even attend.