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No more sophomore parking with class of 2014

Published: April 23, 2010
Section: News

PHOTO BY Max Shay/The Hoot

Starting with the recently admitted class of 2014, sophomore parking will no longer be available. Current first-years will have access to parking but there will be rate increases for the entire campus in an attempt to address overall parking concerns on campus, Mark Collins, vice president of campus operations, said.

The final decisions on rate increase are still under consideration but they will approximately double for both campus residents and commuters.

Residents parking in Charles River/J-Lot will have a lower rate, closer to the rate they pay now Collins said.

The on-campus- $60 for commuters and $60 for students who park in Charles River/J-lot.

Parking prices at Tufts University are double Brandeis’ proposed fees with residents’ fees at $500.

Currently sophomores occupy about 150 parking spaces on campus. Revenue collected from the rate increases will most likely be used to add more student shuttle services both on and off campus explained Collins but this is still under discussion.

“We’re trying to provide options for students who don’t want to pay the rate increase [parking in J-lot], options to students who don’t have a car [more shuttles] and to students who use their car all the time and want to pay the $250,” said Collins.

The senior administration made these decisions as a part of the yearly campus rate review. Director of Public Safety Ed Callahan is in charge of implementing these decisions. A formal announcement regarding these changes will be made before the end of the semester.