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The first-year experience in haikus

Published: September 3, 2010
Section: Arts, Etc.

Welcome to Brandeis
Is everyone this friendly?
So many blue shirts.

Dinner in Sherman.
Everything looks delicious.
Oh wait. It isn’t.

I’ve met him before.
Oh shoot, I forgot his name.
Danny … Ben … David?

A Good Fall. Ha Jin
Did anyone read that book?
Collective nap time.

First day of classes
Chem in Shapiro, but which?
Come on, Carl and Ruth.

What are you taking?
Stat? Chemistry? Calculus?
Ha. Good luck with that.

Activities fair.
Many ways to get involved.

Hey! It’s my OL.
Oh. Yup. She didn’t wave back.
That’s pretty awkward.

Why is it so hot?
Would it kill to get AC?
50 thou a year?

Welcome week is done.
So much time to hang out here.
Just kidding. Homework.