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Krauss to leave provost post, return to teaching

Published: September 3, 2010
Section: Front Page

Provost Marty Krauss will end her tenure as Brandeis’ chief academic officer and a university senior vice president by the end of this academic year, according to a community-wide e-mail from outgoing President Jehuda Reinharz.

Krauss has been at the uppermost levels of the university’s administration for the last seven years, with “responsibility for all academic programs and schools at Brandeis, the University Libraries, an expanded number of centers and institutes, the research infrastructure and the Rose Art Museum,” according to Reinharz’s e-mail. She is involved in hiring at such Brandeis institutions as the international business and Heller graduate schools and works with the faculty leadership on all things academic.

“It’s a job that has so many challenges, and the last eight years we’ve been engaged in deep thinking, with new leadership that’s devoted to this academy, and I’ve enjoyed this very much,” Krauss said. “This is an incredible institution, I give the deans credit, and the faculty, who are very engaged in the running of this institution.”

With her departure, Krauss becomes the latest in a line of top administrators who have stepped down from their posts since Jan. 2009, including the president himself and nearly all of Krauss’ fellow senior vice presidents, including those in finance and administration, students and enrollment, and communications.

But Krauss’ decision exists independently in that she said it had been long coming, and in that she plans on becoming a full faculty member again at the Heller School.

“I’ve been thinking about how long I wanted to stay on before the new president was named,” she said. “We’ve had some tough years, it’s a tough position, it’s draining, but it’s an exciting one.” Krauss added that she looked forward to a one-year sabbatical and then returning to teaching in the Brandeis community.

“I’ll still be a part of this community,” she said, “because I’m devoted to this institution. I look forward to working with Fred Lawrence and the next provost.”