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BSF taking proposals

Published: September 23, 2010
Section: News

The Brandeis Sustainability Fund is now accepting grant proposals to make Brandeis more environmentally friendly.

The Fund, new this year, was created last spring following a student body vote to increase each student’s semesterly Student Activities Fee by $7.50 in order to fund projects that will make Brandeis more eco-friendluy.

The BSF is an effort, organized primarily by Students for Environmental Action (SEA), to give students the ability to write grants for funding on small projects that will make Brandeis more eco-friendly.

“It’s the first semester, so it’s in the developing stages,” said Marissa Turesky ’13, an Environmental Studies major who organizes publicity for the BSF and helps applicants put together their proposals.

Students interested in writing a proposal for a BSF grant can get help from the university’s Sustainability Coordinator, Janna Cohen-Rosenthal ’03, during her office hours this Tuesday at 3 p.m.

“It’s a less intimidating and more informal way to ask for help,” Cohen-Rosenthal said, adding that she hopes students will show more interest this semester and next semester during the second grant cycle.

Geneva Boyer ’14, who attended office hours, plans to submit a grant application.

Her proposal to redesign the sprinkler system on campus was inspired by SEA’s vote to work on improving sustainable landscaping this year.

If Boyer is awarded grant money, she will use it to revamp the sprinkler system so that spraying on sidewalks or during thunderstorms will not waste water.

BSF grants are due to Cohen-Rosenthal by Oct. 12, when a committee comprised of students and faculty will choose who will receive grant money.