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SEA Change: Brandeis Sustainiblity Fund: Creating change we can see

Published: October 8, 2010
Section: Opinions

GRAPHIC BY Leah Lefkowitz/The Hoot

Upon returning to visit Brandeis many years after graduating, Brandeis alumni are shocked by how different the campus looks compared to when they attended. As a senior, even as I reflect on the past four years, it is easy to point out the major physical changes to campus. But we all know that large-scale infrastructure improvements have slowed in the past two years and for once, we might not be able to look forward to new Shapiro buildings in the near future. The Brandeis Sustainability Fund, however, helps Brandeis not only continue evolving but also to make truly progressive changes: implementing innovative, clean technologies and promoting a culture of sustainability on campus.

Created by a majority student vote in spring 2010, the BSF will fund large-scale sustainability projects developed by students. While faculty, staff and outside professionals will play no small role in helping these green ideas become a reality, the BSF is designed to utilize students’ commitment to making real improvements to the physical and natural environments here at Brandeis. Tired of waiting for the administration to take action, I’m proud to say that fellow students took the initiative to organize and design this funding mechanism. Brandeis now falls in the ranks of other top schools with sustainability funds, such as Harvard, the UC system, Connecticut College and University of Michigan.

The BSF is supported through a $7.50 addition to the Student Activities Fee. Collectively, each small, individual contribution goes far. Imagine diversifying alternative energy on campus –think a bio-thermal energy-heated Rabb steps, or of grabbing a salad from lower Usdan, knowing the lettuce and green peppers came from the expanded garden behind Massell. These are only a few examples of the creative projects that could be realized by applying for a BSF grant. If you’re still interested in applying for funding this semester, visit I look forward to coming back to Brandeis for my own five year reunion and hopefully not recognizing the new 10kw wind turbine outside of Bernstein-Marcus.