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Rescuing America: Stop reckless Democratic policies

Published: October 8, 2010
Section: Opinions

GRAPHIC BY Ariel Wittenberg/The Hoot

As the upcoming mid-term elections approach, voters are starting to decide what kind of leadership and change they want to bring into the powerful corridors of Washington, D.C. With our country struggling with an unprecedented level of unemployment, a skyrocketing national debt and a dwindling foreign policy, it is no surprise that most Americans are eager to vote in what promises to be one of the most highly contested elections in history. Indeed, this is an an election about rescuing America and placing it on the right track.

Strong research shows that Americans are disenchanted with what has become an arrogant and out-of-touch administration. It so happens that the “change” promised back in 2008 has been the perfect prescription for failure. Shall we review the facts? First a $700 billion stimulus whose net effect has been to dig us into further debt. Then came the multi-million dollar bailouts to Wall Street, courtesy of the taxpayers. And we cannot leave behind Obamacare, a system by which the quality of the health care industry will ultimately be undermined. Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claims that “we are in better shape.” Incredible.

It is no surprise that this election will be about connecting with the American people of Main Street and living up to our conservative principles of fiscal discipline and curbing government regulations. We need to get Americans back to work by providing incentives to the private sector, where jobs are most easily created. We need to cut back on the reckless government