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Univ revamps BrandeisNOW

Published: October 8, 2010
Section: News


The Office of Communications revealed a new version of BrandeisNOW, the University’s website that advertises and reports on campus news.

One of the biggeset improvements to the website is more space, according to a press release from Bill Burger, Associate Vice President of Communications. The new website allows space for four main articles and also has extra links for videos as well as links to share stories.

“Drawing on input from faculty, staff and students, we built the site with the goal of better meeting the diverse interests and needs of the community,” the statement said.

Other changes include that stories will now be tagged by topics and also have links to social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Stories will be archived for three years and all listed events will be linked to a campus map, showing the location of the event.

The Office of Communications will also send out a weekly update about events and news on campus.

“Every day at Brandeis, community members are doing groundbreaking research, carving out a unique student experience, creating innovative art, hosting a distinguished visitor, launching a new program or receiving recognition for their work,” the statement said.

“With your help, BrandeisNOW is where we will tell those stories.”