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Taking the initiative

Published: January 20, 2006
Section: Opinions

Thats what Jamele Adams has done. In Cindy Kaplans article (Jamele Adams, Dec. 9), there is mention of the fact that Mr. Adams does more than simply open his doorshe goes the extra mile and goes through them. In other words, he leaves his room in order that students can get to know him without having to schlep all the way to his office. I myself have taken part in two of his activitiesfor Shapiro 3B. One was full, the other virtually empty. In both cases, however, he was not upset that he came all the way over to visit students. The fact that he is willing to do so much for the environment, the atmosphere, and the spirit of this university is what makes him more than just a staff member, more than just a unit of the administration;

he is a contributing member of the society, an inspirational man with poetic words and exercises involving exciting controversy. Its about time we follow his example and take some initiative ourselves.

Instead of just telling my friends that I am there for themlike having an open door policyI go out of my way to visit them. And because of that, my relationships have improved. It is amazing how that one thing can benefit the individual so much, and it is Jamele who has taught me, shown me, and proven to me that this is what it is: Taking the Initiative.