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Gordy’s game guesses

Published: October 22, 2010
Section: Sports

Hey everyone, starting this week I’ll be preparing some picks for the upcoming NFL games. Word of warning: I do not consider myself to be a major sports expert. I will be making guesses based on what I know of teams as well as personal preferences.

Cincinnati at Atlanta: Both teams lost last week. Since one of them has to continue a losing streak, I think it’ll be Cincinnati. Atlanta’s home field advantage will help them out.

Washington at Chicago: Washington tore the Packers apart two weeks ago while Chicago lost at home last week. Washington looks to repeat their victory against another NFC North team this week; fine by me unless they play the Vikings.

Philadelphia at Tennessee: The Eagles are 3-0 away. Time to make it 4-0.

St. Louis at Tampa: I have to go with Tampa in this very close call. Tampa has a losing record at home, but the Rams have a losing record away. The edge has to go to the home team.

San Francisco at Carolina: Until last week, both teams were 0-5. San Fransisco won last week, while Carolina enjoyed a bye (break). Ultimately, in this even matchup, I’m going with the team that has shown it can win, even if not often.

Buffalo at Baltimore: Buffalo is also suffering a 0-5 season so far. This does not bode well when they are set to face the 4-2 Ravens who last week only lost to the Patriots in overtime.

Jacksonville at Kansas City: Kansas City is 2-0 with home field advantage while Jacksonville only managed one field goal and no touchdowns in their last game.

Pittsburgh at Miami: Miami beat the Packers last week, so I already like them for that. That being said Pitsburgh has a better record. currently the Dolphins have a 0-2 record at home compared to the Steelers’ 2-0 away record.

Cleveland at New Orleans: I hate to say it but New Orleans has the record to back up the expectation. While I hope the Browns crush the Saints, it would be their first away win of the year and their second overall.

Arizona at Seattle: Both teams are 3-2 going into the game. Arizona is coming off of a bye week and a victory against the Saints before that. Arizona, however, also has a losing record away while Seattle has both a winning record at home and just beat Chicago last week, which is good in my book.

New England at San Diego: The Patriots have a winning record, the Chargers do not. That and the fact that I’m currently in Massachusetts lead me to pick them instead of San Diego.

Oakland at Denver: Both teams are 2-4. This one comes down to home field advantage favoring the Broncos and Oakland’s no-win record away this year.

Minnesota at Green Bay: This pick falls under two of my rules for picking winners. Vikings win. Nothing more to say, I will always pick Vikings to win. Second rule: Packers lose. This is not as stringent as the first, for instance if Chicago and Green Bay are playing I want whoever has the worse record to win. When the Vikings go to Lambeau, the Vikings go to win.

New York Giants at Dallas: The Giants are on a 3three-win streak while the Cowboys were just served their fourth loss courtesy of the Vikings. Dallas may have home field advantage, but they have yet to win a game at Cowboys Stadium this season.

Byes this week: Detroit, Indianapolis, New York Jets and Houston.