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Letter to the Editor: Terror lockdown disrupts peace

Published: January 20, 2006
Section: Opinions

To the Editor:
As I write this, I have just been booted out of my fencing practice due to the fact that the campus is on terror lockdown, and when my fencing is disturbed, for lack of a better term, I GET PISSED. Therefore, I decided to write this diatribe. It is truly unfortunate that during what is supposed to be a happy, peaceful time for the students of Brandeis, a currently unknown sociopath has to call in a bomb threat, disrupting the good feelings and excitement that go hand in hand with returning to school after a long break.

The actions of this unknown sociopath are also deplorable due to the fact that the midyears have just moved in and are beginning to adjust to the school, and some may even believe that the seemingly safe Brandeis has turned into a terrorist breeding ground. So, Mr. Unknown Sociopath, I am truly sorry you had to actually come back to school and work as opposed to sitting around watching hentai, but dont involve my school in your sick schemes.

Best wishes to whoever is in charge of the investigation in finding this person, because they dont belong at my school.
Damien Lehfeldt '09