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Gordy’s game guesses: This week favoring Miami, San Diego, Tampa Bay and Oakland

Published: October 29, 2010
Section: Sports

This week is starting off with a bonus World Series guess:

In the World Series, I’m guessing that the Texas Rangers are going to take it. The San Francisco Giants may have home field advantage, but the Rangers have already overcome both the Rays and the Yankees; the Giants might not even seem like a challenge.

Back to Football:

Here is a quick statistic from last week: my picks were 9-5. This included one pleasant surprise (Saints losing) and one very upsetting defeat.

Denver at San Francisco: Denver. This one is a real toss up since both teams have terrible records. Denver’s away record matches San Francisco’s home record. That being said, Denver has more wins overall and likely wants to make up for their embarrassing defeat last week.

Jacksonville at Dallas: Jacksonville. Dallas may have come close to beating the Giants last week but, with quarterback Tony Romo out of commission for 6-8 weeks, the Jaguars are in a position to bring their record to 4-4.

Miami at Cincinnati: Miami. Miami has a 3-0 record away as well as the better overall record. That paired with Cincinnati’s disappointing 1-1 home record makes this a simple pick.

Buffalo at Kansas City: Kansas City. The Chiefs sit at a shaky 4-2 record but still sit atop the AFC West. This will likely improve as they face the win-less Buffalo Bills.

Washington at Detroit: Washington. The Redskins being undefeated so far against the NFC North (they haven’t played the Vikings yet) paired with the Lions basically being a joke makes this a very easy pick.

Carolina at St. Louis: St. Louis. The Panthers may have shown that they can win last week but, even so, the Rams have a better record. This game is expected to be close but I’m expecting the home team to come out winning.

Green Bay at New York Jets: First of two reasons Patriots fans will hate me this week: I’m picking the Jets (for the record, I dislike both teams) because the Packers’ record influences the Vikings’ post season chances; the Jets’ does not.

Tennessee at San Diego: San Diego. The Titans are 5-2 while the Chargers are 2-5. Yes, the records suggest a different outcome, but San Diego was once considered a favorite for this year’s Super Bowl. That, along with both of the Chargers’ wins being home wins, suggests that this will be win number three.

Minnesota at New England: The second reason why Patriots fans will hate me: Vikings always win. I don’t really care what each team’s record is right now, Vikings will always get my pick.

Tampa Bay at Arizona: Tampa Bay. Both teams are 2-0 in their away and home records respectively. Tampa, however, has a slightly better overall record and is therefore getting my pick.

Seattle at Oakland: Oakland. Both teams won last week but, while Seattle won by 12 points, Oakland beat Denver by an amazing 45 points. Seattle has a better overall record but Oakland has both the momentum and home field advantage.

Pittsburgh at New Orleans: Pittsburgh. Last week I should have picked with my heart instead of the records. If the Cleveland Browns could overcome the defending champions, then the 5-1 Steelers should be able to beat the 4-3 Saints on Halloween night.

Houston at Indianapolis: Indianapolis. Both teams are 4-2 overall and both are 2-0 away and home respectively. They are also both tied for second place in the AFC South, only one win behind Tennessee. The Colts not only have Peyton Manning (I have no clue who the Texans have) but also the home field advantage.