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Gordy’s sport predictions

Published: November 5, 2010
Section: Sports

What is with the NFL this year? Teams that were on fire last year can’t seem to get hot streaks going. Furthermore, teams that should suck are beating the Super Bowl favorites. Not to mention off-field decisions are turning teams into train wrecks.

A few statistics to consider:

Last week my picks were 8-5, bringing my overall picks to 17-10. Not too shabby.

New York Jets at Detroit: The Lions managed a surprising win last week while the Jets suffered an embarrassing defeat. Looking to rise again, I expect them to beat the Lions.

Miami at Baltimore: Baltimore in this close matchup. Both teams have strong records for being away (Miami) and home (Baltimore). The Ravens, however, have the homefield advantage.

New England at Cleveland: The Patriots have the best record in the league right now. Cleveland does not seem like a team set to beat them.

San Diego at Houston: The Chargers are staging a comeback and the Texans are right in their path. If the Chargers can shock the Texans they might just be back in the running for a postseason appearance.

Chicago at Buffalo: Chicago has started a losing streak recently, however, their losing streak is nothing compared to the still winless Buffalo. This game should easily go to Chicago

Arizona at Minnesota: After this week’s fiasco its really hard to say it but I’m still picking the Vikings. I despise head coach Childress but maybe they can stage a comeback; potentially one of the biggest in NFL history if they start managing some wins.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta: Both teams are running strong with 5-2 records and are tied for first place in the NFC South. Atlanta’s home field advantage seems set to break Tampa’s perfect away record and secure the top spot in their division to defend while the Dolphins sit in third for their own division.

New Orleans at Carolina: New Orleans statistically should win this. Their loss two weeks ago leaves me hoping however that the Panthers maul the Saints.

New York Giants at Seattle: The top teams in NFC East and West collide in this game. Ultimately, the Giants should win this match-up due to their better record.

Indianapolis at Philadelphia: Close match. Going with Philadelphia since a homefield advantage might give a very slight edge over Peyton Manning and the Colts.

Kansas City at Oakland: Oakland is looking to close the gap between first and second place in the AFC West. With home field advantage they might just be able to pull it off. Kansas’ weak away record against Oakland’s strong home record, however, supports the speculation that they might just do it.

Dallas at Green Bay: Green bay is the heavy favorite. That being said, it’s time for the cowboys to stage a comeback, and if not make it to the playoffs, at least knock a few teams out of the contest.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati: Pittsburgh takes this match. 5-2 Steelers are the odds on favorite against the 2-5 Bengals. Maybe the Bengals will pull a surprise win, but their four game losing streak does not seem likely to end this week.

Byes: Denver, St. Louis, San Francisco, Washington, Jacksonville and, a new favorite team of mine, the Tennessee Titans (Go Moss!).