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Editorial: Student input a must for new policy

Published: January 27, 2006
Section: Opinions

This week we have seen instances where the University administration allegedly did not consider the input of undergraduates before making changes in how the school functions. Between the new alcohol policy for students and the sudden change in the senior speaker selection process, its enough to make one inquire if the administration is interested in what students have to say.

We do not blame the administration whatsoever for making changes in how the school works. It is in the student bodys best interest to see improvements in efficiency and cost at our University. In fact, last weeks editorial recognized some of the positive changes that occurred at Brandeis since last semester, and it is important to allow as many people to participate in decisions made around campus.

Students also know their limits;

the student body recognizes that there are decisions best left to the experts. No student would ask to take a role in an administration reorganization, or budget reduction.

Student organized events, on the other hand, such as Modfest or the Spring Concert, are planned, coordinated, and paid for by students. Students have the responsibility of running these events, and these events are, by-and-large, safe and fun.

Student Events has an interest in making sure the events they work so hard to organize and coordinate go as planned. Graduating seniors have an interest in making their college graduation as special as they always dreamed it would be.

Why, then, would the administration, acting by themselves, make changes to policies that effect students? Why not consult the Student Union, our elected representative body, regarding changes to processes? Why insult students so? If students can possess the responsibility to organize events, why cant they play a part in setting the policy that dictates how those events can function? The students are the ones being effected, and thus should be able to have a greater impact on changes in policies than they already do.

We implore the administration to consider the student body before making a sudden policy change.