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Gordy’s Pro Picks: Week 10

Published: November 12, 2010
Section: Sports

What a week! I cannot believe the stats but I was 12-1 last week with the only wrong pick being the surprise Patriots/Browns game. If not for that one game, I would have had a perfect week.

This insane record brings my overall stats to 29-11.

Starting this week there will be Thursday night games. I will not be making picks on these for two reasons: I will not publish a pick after the game has occurred and I will not be guessing a game one week in advance

Baltimore at Atlanta: No pick-the game happened yesterday—Atlanta won, 26-21.

Detroit at Buffalo: Detroit. Neither team is doing too well this year. While the Bills have not had a winning season since 2004, the Lions haven’t had a winning season since 2000! Detroit, however, has a couple wins to their record this season while Buffalo remains with a no-win record.

Minnesota at Chicago: Minnesota. This pick should come as no surprise. While Coach Childress needs to go, the Vikings are finally facing the easy half of their season. Winning this game will help the Vikings inch their way closer to the NFC North championship.

New York Jets at Cleveland: Cleveland in this game to watch. The Jets have the better record, the Jets have a perfect away record, but the Browns have overcome both the Saints and the Patriots despite entering with low expectations. This game is expected to be a nail-biter but I’m going with the team that mauled the Patriots in the same stadium last week.

Cincinnati at Indianapolis: Indianapolis. The Colts don’t lose often, the Bengals do. Additionally, the Colts have suffered all of their loses this year away. While it may seem good for the Bengals to have half their wins be on the road, in this case, that half is only one game.

Tennessee at Miami: Tennessee. Not only does Tennessee have Moss, now on his third team this year, they also have the record to support this pick. The Titans are 3-1 away while the Dolphins are 0-3 at home. Unless the Dolphins can pull a surprise home victory, the Titans will maintain their spot at the top of the AFC South (tied with Indianapolis).

Carolina at Tampa Bay: Tampa. Carolina has only one win in their eight games so far. Tampa has a much better five wins. While most of Tampa’s losses have been at home, this week just doesn’t look like one of those weeks.

Houston at Jacksonville: Jacksonville. These two teams have the same record in the same division. In this very even match up I’m choosing Jacksonville for two reasons: they have homefield advantage, and I know people from Jacksonville.

Kansas City at Denver: Kansas City in this uneven match. Denver has simply been playing poorly with only two wins to their record right now. The Chiefs, on the other hand, have five wins and the top spot in the AFC West

St. Louis at San Francisco: San Francisco. While the Rams have the better overall record, they lack a single win on the road. Additionally, both of the 49ers wins have been at home.

Seattle at Arizona: Arizona. Seattle may have the better record, but I expect both teams to be 4-5 fter Sunday. In terms of records, the Cardinals have played more away games than the Seahawks. These teams appear to be evenly matched but, after Seattle’s loss to the Giants (41-7), it’s easy to go with the home-team Cardinals who fought well last week against the Vikings.

Dallas at New York Giants: New York Giants. Dallas hascurrently the biggest train-wreck season of an early Superbowl favorite. Not only did the Cowboys lose in a 45-7 loss that I am still upset to have predicted on last week, the Giants managed a similar slaughter in their last game.

New England at Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh. Both teams are 6-2. Both teams are looking to become the single team in first place for their division (Patriots are tied with the Jets, Steelers with the Ravens). Pittsburgh, however, is coming off of a winning week while New England is coming off of an embarrassing defeat. Additionally, with homefield advantage, I expect the Steelers to snag this match.

Philadelphia at Washington: Philadelphia. The Redskins may have the home field advantage but that’s basically the only advantage they’ll get. The Redskins may be coming off of a bye week before which they were defeated by the Lions, but the Eagles are coming off of a close win against the Colts. Furthermore, the Eagles have simply been outplaying the Redskins in almost every category.