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Pie in the sky

Published: November 19, 2010
Section: Features

The campus bakery will go into overdrive this week, preparing pies for the Brandeis community just in time for Thanksgiving.

Each year, Dining Services organizes a pie sale to help make Thanksgiving an easier day for students, staff and faculty. This year, Sarah Conduragis, the new Marketing Manager of Dining Services, has turned the event around.

In past years the pie sale was “just OK,” she said, but this year’s features lower prices and the opportunity to give back. The sale falls during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, and one dollar of each item sold will go to the Community Day Center of Waltham, a homeless shelter.

“It’s a good opportunity to use our services as a way to give back,” she said.

Although the sale may not reach the goal of 1,000 pies, every dollar counts. To make the sale more appealing to students, pies can be bought with points, WhoCash, dining dollars, cash, credit card or check.

“We need students rallying behind [the sale],” Conduragis said, explaining that despite the ease with which students can buy pies, only about 200 pies had been purchased. If that number gets closer to the goal, Dining Services will consider donating the difference, Conduragis said, but many more pies must be sold.

Dining Services has teamed up with Waltham Group, challenging them to sell 400 of the 1,000 pies. If they reach that goal, Dining Services will donate a 25-pound turkey and pies to Bristol Lodge, a soup kitchen on Moody Street.

“We’ve branched out beyond campus, and local businesses are getting involved,” Conduragis said.

On Kindness Day, Dining Services offered free samples of pie to students as a way to say thank you.

“They are a great thing to bring to a Thanksgiving feast,” Conduragis said.

Conduragis became Marketing Manager of Dining Services in October. Her position, new this year, oversees new promotions, sales and events in the department. She has already reached out to the Student Union, Hillel, Waltham Group, Student Activities and other groups on campus. She also helped to organize the Thanksgiving dinner this week in Sherman.

Order forms are available at all dining locations, and can also be found at They can be returned to Conduragis at or dropped off at the Dining Services office in lower Usdan. Facebook users can also find out about more promotions and events at the Brandeis University Dining Services page.