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V (-Store) is for victory

Published: November 19, 2010
Section: Editorials

Anyone who has ever lived on South Campus knows the way your heart sinks when it’s 11 p.m. and 17 degrees outside in the dead of winter and you realize you are out of orange juice for tomorrow’s breakfast. Anyone who has ever lived on South Campus knows that the up-hill walk to the C-Store in Usdan seems exponentially longer with every hour after sunset. Anyone who has ever lived on South Campus knows that choosing between braving the cold and darkness and skipping breakfast the next morning is not a fun decision to make.

We all know that we need a second C-Store.

So when we heard at Thursday’s State of the Student Union from Union President Daniel Acheampong that there is a current proposal to put a second C-Store in a space of the Village that has been empty since its construction, we were thrilled.

For years there has been a gross imbalance of food locations on campus. While students residing in upper campus have easy access to both the C-Store and Usdan, a pay-as-you-go facility, Students living in Massell, the Village, Ziv and Ridgewood only have Sherman and Einsteins as nearby, on-campus food providers.

If students living on South Campus are ever tired of bagels or want a pay-as-you-go experience, they are forced to trek up the hill.

While we realize that there are worse things than exercising our calves every now and again, the proposal to create a Village C-Store—or V-Store—is one we fully support.

Creating a V-Store would not just be more convenient for those of us living down the hill, it would also help with overcrowding in the current dining facilities.

As it now stands, it would be faster for a student to drive to Dunkin’ Donuts on Main Street to buy a cup of coffee at than it would be for them to stand in line at 10 a.m. at Einstein’s.

The long lines, which sometimes stretch into the Shapiro atrium itself, make students late for class and take precious time from their busy days.

We also look forward to the university taking this opportunity to offer new snacks and beverages at the V-store. Dining Services should reach out to students and managers of the C-Store, and ask what the most popular items are, as well as what students feel the store is missing.

With a long winter break approaching, now is the perfect time for the Student Union and administrators to finalize plans for the new store.

It’s great to hear that the university cares about issues that matter to students. Now all we need is action.