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Nashim issue continued

Published: February 3, 2006
Section: Opinions

In my native Pittsburgh, PNC Banks TV commercials say, Every day is an opportunity to do more. Coming to Brandeis in August 2004, I had a diverse set of friends in my public high school, but I still had a lot to learn. While my friends were of various faiths, it was still a self-selected group of individuals. My slate of Brandeis friends is not as religiously and ethnically diverse as those from high school, but I have come to appreciate interaction with students from a broader array of social groups and political opinions. Those who know me are aware that I am not much of a fan of any alcohol, tobacco, pot, or other drug usage. Nonetheless, I have formed valuable friendships with people whose opinions on these matters differ markedly from my own. One can learn a lot about human nature and motivation, and about similarities between people, by talking to those with views that may be opposite to ones own. Along ethnic lines, I have also become friendly with Walaa Sbeit, a Palestinian student in my Brandeis class (2008). I feel its enjoyable, and not very difficult, to be cordial with everyone who one meets, or has the opportunity to meet. If you are frustrated with a particular group of people, greet someone in that group. Be friendly, and tensions may dissolve. If you disagree with a group of people on an important issue, break up the ice with a nice greeting the next time you see someone who is part of that group. Discussion may not solve everything, but kindness is more powerful that we like to think. A spoonful of sugar or other sweetness really can help the medicine go down.

Editor's note: The Hoot would like to apologize to Jeremy, this continuation to last week's article was not meant to be published in two segments.