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Gordy’s game guesses: Week 12, the semester finale

Published: December 3, 2010
Section: Sports

Welcome back everyone. After a short break for Thanksgiving, I’m back with the last picks of both the semester, and the season. When we come back next semester it will be the post season and I haven’t decided whether I’ll cover the post-season or not.

As it stands, last time (two weeks ago) my picks were 10-5 bringing my overall record to 44-24.

Houston at Philadelphia: No Pick, Thursday game.

Buffalo at Minnesota: Minnesota. Both teams have had bad seasons, but the Vikings are revitalized after winning a hard fought game against the Washington Redskins. Additionally, they have finally broken a road-game losing streak that extends into last season. While jokes have been made that “The Purple” team now have a coach named Leslie, there is nothing funny about last week’s win.

Cleveland at Miami: Miami. Miami has a dreadful home record of 1-4 this season. Cleveland’s away record is just as bad. Miami gets this pick because their overall record is better, and home -field advantage should provide an edge.

Jacksonville at Tennessee: Tennessee. The Titans have yet to win a game since claiming Randy Moss last month. In a division where the difference between first and last place is only one game, a win would not provide much security for any team.

Washington at New York Giants: New York Giants. In this NFC East showdown, New York is working to defend their spot atop their division (shared with the Philadelphia Eagles). While Washington fought hard last week, and may have won if not for an illegal block at the worst possible time, they seem set to extend their losing streak.

New Orleans at Cincinnati: New Orleans. The Saints have only lost one game away from the Superdome this year while the Bengals have only won once at Paul Brown Stadium. Additionally, the Saints are in the running for a playoff appearance and the chance to defend their title; the Bengals are out of the running.

Chicago at Detroit: Chicago. This is a case where the team I want to win isn’t the team I think will win. I hope Chicago loses so that the Vikings can close the gap between first and third in the division, but the odds of Detroit winning are just too slim.

San Francisco at Green Bay: Green Bay. Here’s another game where the team I pick isn’t the team I want. I always want Green Bay to lose, but the Packers have been playing well this year and the 49ers haven’t.

Oakland at San Diego: San Diego. Oakland has been playing terribly when away and San Diego has been playing very well at home. Either way, fans of California teams will have a team that wins and a team that loses.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay: Atlanta. Atlanta has the best record in the league right now. Tampa has also been playing well but Atlanta hasn’t lost in more than a month. Tampa did last week.

Dallas at Indianapolis: Indianapolis. Indianapolis has been falling during the last couple weeks while Dallas has been on the rise since changing coaches. Indianapolis had an embarrassing defeat at home last week and is hoping to make last week a distant memory, rather than a preview of things to come.

St. Louis at Arizona: St. Louis. Neither team has a great record. St. Louis is currently tied for the lead in the NFC West with Seattle . Arizona has been hemorrhaging losses ever since their early season upset against the Saints. Arizona is in dead last for the NFC West and likely has no chance at overcoming St. Louis or Seattle for a playoff bid.

Carolina at Seattle: Seattle. Seattle may have a losing record but they are still tied for the lead for the NFC West. While the Seahawks will fight hard to become 6-6 they shouldn’t have too much trouble overcoming the 1-10 Panthers.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore: Baltimore. Both teams are 8-3. Both teams are atop the AFC North. Baltimore, however, has both home-field advantage and has already beaten Pittsburgh once this season. A win for either team will strengthen its own grasp on a playoff bid while weakening the chances of the other, but if Baltimore wins they’d have the advantage if the season ends tied.

New York Jets at New England: New England. Both teams are doing well. Both teams have a lot of fans here, meaning that whichever team I pick there will be a fair share of people disagreeing. I’m going with the Patriots because they have home- field advantage, and they haven’t lost a home game in a long time.