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Lawrence makes provost second in command

Published: December 3, 2010
Section: News

The Brandeis Administrative Structure Advisory Committee and incoming President Fred Lawrence have announced that the provost will now become second-in-command of the institution, taking oversight of several key offices from the senior vice president of students and enrollment, among other changes, according to a report uploaded to the Brandeis Google portal.

“We recommend that Brandeis join universities such as Dartmouth, Tufts, Yale, Princeton, Northwestern, John Hopkins and Brown, which have a strong Provost who serves as the Chief Academic Officer and the second-ranking member of the administration. The next Provost should take the lead in long-term planning and priority-setting decisions, and work in partnership with the Chief Financial Officer to assure that resource and budgetary plans are in line with institutional priorities,” the report said.

The senior vice president for students and enrollment will remain in the upper echelons of university leadership, but the registrar and Office of Academic Services will now report to the provost.