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One on One with Coach Meehan

Published: February 3, 2006
Section: Sports

On Defense:

We felt we needed to be more aggressive and physical defensively and really put a body on those guys. I think if you cause some turnovers down in the post and they seem to get a little frustrated, that turned into some easy scoring opportunities for us….

On offensive adjustments:

We finally have learned how to play real ball-movement type of basketball and use our small but quicker line-up to our advantage. Ive been saying it now for two weeks, I think weve been playing really well and aside from that one loss to Carnegie, weve had an opportunity to win every one of these league games. I think were just starting to understand how to play together at this point. As long as we continue to those good open shots were getting. I think were going to be okay…

On the freshmen:

“Kevin Olson is a really good player. As a freshman, he needs to get a little bit stronger but he can really play, hes a very good shooter. Today, I was really happy to see that he was scrappy out there, he didnt back down and he battled and thats all were asking these guys to do is to battle. You know Kevin and Huston Conti both give us, they may be our best two shooters and were really trying to fit them in and get them more time as we go along….

On the versatile Rocco Toppi:

Toppi has had to adjust because we moved him down in the, hes now playing power forward and center so I mean hes getting different types of shots now and he has really made a huge sacrifice because we need him down in the post. Thats the only thing thats changed. I think hes doing a really great job now, hes defending the post very well, hes rebounding well, his outside shot is not bad but then again, hes not getting that many looks. …