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Coffee Land vs. Steel City

Published: February 3, 2006
Section: Sports

This Sunday is the Super Bowl, and I have to be honest, this is probably the least thrilling match-up Ive seen since Oakland-Tampa Bay, and even that had the whole “Jon Grudens old team versus his new team” storyline working in its favor.

There is not much to say about the NFC because the entire league was outclassed in general by the AFC. Come Sunday, we have the lowest seeded team to make the big dance, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Super Bowl neophyte Seattle Seahawks.

Both teams are of similar construct: they have dominant offensive lines, rely on the run, have quarterbacks who dont make mistakes, and have pressure valve receivers who can make plays. The game has all the basic ingredients for a knock-down drag out battle.

One problem is that Pittsburgh is much more recognizable than Seattle. I mean, Pittsburgh had the Immaculate Reception, the Terry Bradshaw-Lynn Swann connection, and the Steel Curtain defense of the 1970s that helped them to win four Super Bowls. Seattle has Steve LargentDave Kreig andthe 12th man (which Texas A&M has apparently laid claim to since 1922).

Right now, the (only) storyline is Jerome Bettis comes home because, guess what, Bettis is from Detroit. To quote Chris Farley, Whoop-dee-freaking-DO!

Are we selling Seattle short? Hell yeah! Shawn Alexander was the MVP this year, Seattles offensive line is among the best, and its defense is not to be trifled with. Rookie middle linebacker Lofa Tatupu has made it clear that he should have been the defensive Rookie of the Year. Does this mean I think Seattle will win? No.

I really have a hard time seeing Seattle win. In both play-off victories, they were playing at home against offensively-challenged teams. By all accounts, the Super Bowl is a road game for Seattle, no matter what Steelers coach Bill Cowher claims, as Detroit is pretty much decked in black, and not just in mourning over the 30,000 Ford auto workers being laid off. How ironic is it that the Ford Family can afford to run and operate Ford Field and the Detroit Lions, yet has to cut 30,000 jobs to survive? Dont worry, like Seahawk fans, none of the 30,000 will be anywhere near the Super Bowl, kind of like the rest of the average football population.

Heres the thing. The only way Seattle wins is if Willie Parker underachieves, the Steelers have to throw 40+ times, and if their offensive line is able to withstand whatever Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau throws at them, be it Joey Porter or James Farrior. Even then, they have to avoid the one-man wrecking crew, safety Troy Polamalu. Oh, and they also need to have Shaun Alexander play the game of his life.

In the end, I say the Steelers win 28-20. Hopefully, I called this game better than I did the NFC Championship game.