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Letter to the Editor: Inaccurate Archon portayal; Union works with Archon

Published: March 3, 2006
Section: Opinions

To the Editor
We are Harrison Chizik 07, Finance Board Chair for the Student Union and Rebecca Gedalius 07, Editor-in-Chief of the 2006 Archon. We would like to respond to last weeks articles covering the Unions examination of Archons financial and organizational structure, as well as to clarify what we both believe have been serious inaccuracies in this papers portrayal of the situation.

While your article claimed that the Unions investigation into the Archon was in response to the delay in production of the 2005 yearbook, this is simply impossible given that a cornerstone of Union President Jenny Feinbergs platform in her campaign last March was to examine the distribution of all Union funds. Union officials began their research into club finances in October 2005, before the 05 yearbook was even scheduled to be printed. The current examination is simply a phase of the plan that has been underway since the fall, and is no way motivated by the previously identified staffing issues of 2004-05.

Further, a large portion of your article is devoted to justifying the need for a yearbook at Brandeis, implying that the Union has been questioning whether the Archon ought to exist at all. This is simply not the case. Members of the Union have been working closely with both the Archon and the Department of Student Activities to ensure that the book receives adequate support and guidance, both now and in the future. Union officials are not entertaining any proposal that would eliminate the Archon, and any proposed reform will be developed in conjunction with Rebecca, as Editor-in-Chief.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that the Union and Archon have been working productively and cordially together to determine both whether the yearbook can be produced for less and whether different funding arrangements in use at other schools may be feasible at Brandeis. We have had several extremely productive conversations and have come up with a number of proposals to meet the needs of the campus community and the Archon.

We hope that in the future your coverage will more accurately reflect the cooperation and good faith under which the two of us have been addressing SAF reform.

Rebecca Gedallus, Editor-in-Chief, Archon and Harrison Chizik, Student Union Finance Board Chair