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A senior’s Brandeis bucket list

Published: February 11, 2011
Section: Opinions

My fellow seniors: as we move past the 100-day mark, it’s time to put together our Brandeis bucket lists of things to do before graduation. I was inspired to write this by a similar article published in The Hoot in my first year and I hope that you’ll continue to add to this to make it your own! Here’s a list of some great things do before graduation. These top 19 will get you started . . .

1. Gorge yourself at one of Moody Street’s many excellent Indian lunch buffets.

2. Crowd surf at a Brandeis concert.

3. Explore Sachar Woods. Whether you consider yourself “outdoorsy” or not, it’s a great place for campfires and drunken renditions of your favorite songs.

4. See the Liquid Latex show (or better yet, be a part of it!).

5. Go skydiving (or try something that you swore you’d never do).

6. Go to a ’Deis basketball game and cheer them on as if we’re a big sports campus.

7. Visit The Rose Art Museum and make absurd interpretations of some of its more abstract displays.

8. Pull some sort of memorable stunt on Admitted Student’s Day.

9. Swim in or ice skate on the pond in Massell quad (I promise that it’s not contaminated).

10. Find the NASA lab on campus.

11. Listen to a show on WBRS­—they’re always on the air and always appreciate more listeners.

12. Go to a religious service with a friend of a different faith.

13. Take in a Brandeis undergrad theater show.

14. Write a guest article for a campus publication or make anonymous controversial comments on the Justice’s website.

15. Go to a Boston professional sports game … We’ve got the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics and more.

16. Go sledding on the library hill … there is bound to be somebody there with a sled (or you could always steal one from Sherman).

17. Check out the Chabad Purim party—it’ll make you wonder why we even bother celebrating Halloween.

18. Explore the tunnels under the Castle and East Quad. They do exist and are a great (claustrophobic) adventure.

19. Double check to make sure that you’re on track to graduate … I’ve met a hilarious number of people who didn’t realize that they were missing requirements until recently.