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A very presidential love story

Published: February 18, 2011
Section: Features

Fred says:

Kathy and I met at Friday night services at Yale Hillel her senior year in college and my first year of law school. We became very good friends that year and I thought that she was the kindest person I had ever met. Fortunately for me, she stayed on campus the year after she graduated, working as an assistant for the Hillel rabbi, Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf. Rabbi Wolf was an important teacher of mine from before the time I came to law school. He promised me that if I came to law school at Yale, he would find me my wife. It turns out that he did. Kathy and I began dating that year and two years later we were married.

Kathy says:

I knew that Fred was special the moment I met him. We had just finished Friday night services and he introduced himself to me, took my hand and kissed my cheek. I felt an immediate connection and I thought ‘this is a very special person’. On our first real date, a year later, we talked for hours and hours and I knew then and there that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.