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A Patriot in Waltham

Published: March 3, 2006
Section: Sports

While many of us were packing and heading off to warmer destinations a couple weeks ago, two time pro bowler and Super Bowl champion Rodney Harrison stopped by Moody Street. That's right, the same Rodney Harrison that graced the cover of Sports Illustrated following his two interception performance in Super Bowl XXXIX was walking distance from your Brandeis University.

At Perry's Tae Kwan Do Academy, Mr. Harrison signed 325 autographs for enthused fans for over an hour. The price of autographs was anywhere from 50 to 125 dollars, but the experience of meeting the Patriots' hard hitting safety was priceless for some fans.

“The greatest thing I've ever done in my life is meeting Rodney,” an elated Matt Reagan said just minutes before meeting his hero.

Matt's older brother, Dan was similarly enthusiastic.

“It's really a dream to come in here. To finally meet him is awesome,” Reagan said.
Rodney took time out of his busy, tedious rehab schedule at Foxborough to come down to Perry's academy.

Co-owner Richard Perry had several different Boston athletes to choose from, but for him Rodney was a no brainer.

“I wanted to do Rodney first. He's extremely passionate about what he does,” Reggie said.

Rodney came a few minutes late to Perry's, but that did not stop the hundreds of fans from giving him a loud applause upon his entrance. In turn, Harrison was quite affable to the Patriots' die hards, as he never turned down a picture request and kept chatting it up with everyone on hand.

Harrison's done autograph signings before in nearby communities such as Franklin, MA and Nashua, NH, but never in the Watch city. The majority of those present, including myself, heard of the event in local newspapers. Yet word travels fast, and in this sports crazed city of Waltham, the announcement of Harrison's public appearance quickly spread amongst neighbors, friends and co-workers.

As fans had a nice time and it was nice publicity for Perry's Tae Kwan Do Academy, don't be suprised to see Rodney making another stop on Moody Street before we see him back out on Gillette Stadium.