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Bentley Falcons fall to Brandeis Judges in tennis

Published: March 11, 2011
Section: Sports

Photo by Nate Rosenbloom/The Hoot

Earlier this, week Bentley, Brandeis’ Waltham rival, traveled to Brandeis only to be outplayed by the Brandeis Judges.

On Monday, the women’s teams faced off in Brandeis’ first home match ever played on the recently resurfaced indoor courts. The Judges masterfully won the match 9-0, serving Bentley their first loss of the season.

Starting with doubles, Brandeis had a strong start as Rachel Rosman ’11 and Faith Broderick ’13, as well as Roberta Bergstein ’14 and Alexa Katz ’14, won their doubles matches to help propel the team to 3-0 before singles matches even began.

Mackenzie Gallegos ’11, Allyson Bernstein ’14 and Nina Levine ’12 joined Rosman in singles rounds against Bentley. Every match was won by a minimum of two points with the closest matches ending 6-4 in favor of Brandeis.

Wednesday brought the men’s matches and another Brandeis victory. With a 7-2 victory the Judges joined the women’s team in sending Bentley their first loss in men’s matches.

In doubles action the Judges went 2-1. Pairs Ezra Bernstein ’11 and Josh Jordan ’13, as well as Steven Milo ’13 and Adam Brown ’14 picked up wins in hard fought rounds.

In the first two rounds of singles Brandeis quickly snagged wins to further the lead to 4-1 with wins from Simon Miller ’11 and Nick White ’11. The Judges additionally won in the fourth and fifth spots thanks to Jordan and Bernstein. In the final match, Brown managed a hard fought victory in a tie-breaker round to close the games.

The women’s team will play next on March 12 at Middlebury. The men’s team has its next match today against Oneonta State.