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The Weekly Glutton: IBS cafe well worth the walk

Published: March 11, 2011
Section: Arts, Etc.

When you walk all the way across campus, you’ll find a hidden gem, a shining star of Brandeis dulled only by the fact that you may have to walk a marathon just to get there. The International Business School (IBS) is home to Dominic’s, a shop that sells sandwiches and burritos among other items.

We gluttons are here to bring you a sampling of what you might find if you decide to stroll down to Dominic’s. To test out their cuisine, we each got one item.

Aaron got the Caesar salad wrap; if you read our column religiously—as you should!—you’ll realize that Aaron is basically an expert in the field of all things Caesar, with the exception of the ruler. With his mouth full of sandwich, he instantly noted that “it was very tasty” and specifically singled out the soft tortilla shell for praise. Meanwhile, Imara had a chicken parmesan sandwich, which she described as simply being “OK.” The sauce and chicken proved to be perfect, but there simply wasn’t enough cheese for her liking. However, if you’re not into cheese (who’s not?), then this sandwich is your chicken parm fantasy come true.

As it turns out, Dominic’s also boasts a fine array of beverages, including lemon seltzer, lime seltzer and other seltzers! There was, of course, the usual soda choices, along with a fine selection of coffee and teas from which to choose. We didn’t try them, but they looked (and smelled) good.

The ambiance is also cozy. One wall is covered in windows, enclosing a chic (or as chic as Brandeis can be) dining area. Because of this, while eating at Dominic’s, you feel like you’re nestled in the woods. There’s also an abundance of graduate students, as it is located in a graduate school building, and they are an overwhelming majority of Dominic’s patrons. So, if you’re looking to find solace from the undergrad droves, this is the place for you. Maybe you’ll even find a hot graduate student, just maybe.

Eating at Dominic’s is like eating at a cafe. We paid $7 for a sandwich and a drink. Moderate pricing, oh hey Usdan! They take WhoCash as well as real money, but they don’t take points and definitely will not accept meals. This is a real world establishment, after all.

Usdan is great, Sherman is OK, but Dominic’s, despite being slightly further away from everything, is definitely worth the walk. If you’re a glutton who wants to walk off the calories before you even eat them (and then burn off even more afterwards), hit up Dominic’s for a change of scenery and some delicious food.

After all, even with all that food in your stomach, you’ll be harder to capture thanks to all that exercise.