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Editorial: Let’s try for a serious discussion

Published: March 18, 2011
Section: Editorials

The Justice League’s effort to engage President Lawrence in a campaign to reform student dining is both misguided and inappropriate.

There is a reasonable way to address student concerns and relay them to the administration.It does not include gorillas dancing outside of Usdan and delivering a stack of surveys to the president’s office.

If the Justice League truly wanted to benefit the entire student body, they would consider more than one issue to campaign on. While dining services is certainly an important area of the student life, it is not the only one. We also care about housing renovations, social events and academic programs. To portray a passionate reaction to dining services may represent the priorities and views of the Justice League, but it does not reflect the priorities of student body. Surely when students looked in their mailboxes on Monday, they were expecting a far more exciting surprise than a survey about food on campus.

With the substance of the campaign aside, we also believe that the best way for students to enact any change is to first meet with Lawrence and discuss their concerns. Had the Justice League advocated in front of the Student Union or the management of dining services they would be presenting their concerns in the most effective way.

President Lawrence does and should care about student life. But we hope he will realize that dining services is the priority of the Justice League, not the entire student body. As he has already done, the best way to learn what students want is to talk with them. Perhaps the Justice League should do that next time—before it starts having gorillas dance in the sidewalk.