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    Carly Goteiner

    Sad state of affairs in world news

    The publication of satirical cartoons of the prophet Mohammed have sparked a fury of international protests and violence. Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten ignited the chaos by printing drawings that feature Mohammed wearing a turban shaped as a bomb. Islam forbids any illustrations of the prophet.

    Illegal file sharing: I2hub shut down

    Its a sad day for college students across North America. I2hub, the popular college music and movie network, has been shut down. I2hub provided its users with a free service that featured incredibly fast transfers.

    Brandeis bungles class waitlist

    So, imagine this youre on the waitlist for a class. The professor starts off his lecture on the first day of that class and says that he can almost guarantee that everyone will be accepted into the class. Terrific, right? You can relax and drop your fourth class to make room for this one.